‘My Franchise Raked In Over £360,000 In 2014 And It Wasn’t The Only One…’

Trevor Skidmore, Cloudy2Clear Northampton


Literally thousands of double glazed windows are replaced each year because the glass has failed, either steamed up, broken or damaged.  The market is huge, why not do your own research in your local area? Once you start looking we guarantee you’ll see failed windows everywhere!  Traditional double glazing companies will try to sell homeowners a complete window, even though there’s no need to.  So, why not replace just the glass and not the complete frame?  Our amazing system is saving householders thousands of pounds whilst helping them avoid dealing with double glazing salesmen.  That’s the brilliantly simple idea behind Cloudy2Clear.

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The Cloudy2Clear Group

Just Some Of Our Franchisees…

Why Join The Cloudy2Clear Franchise Network?

Well, here’s just a few reasons…

  • FINANCIAL SECURITY: You will never have to rely on anyone else again
  • A NEVER ENDING MARKET: Like any technology, double glazing will inevitably fail at some point. Guess who’ll be replacing it?
  • DELIGHTED CUSTOMERS: Our customers love what we do!
  • EASY TO LEARN SYSTEM: The training course gets you going, you’ll be proficient in days
  • INCREDIBLE PRICES: Would you like to spend £2000 replacing your windows or £200?
  • LITTLE COMPETITION: There are those who claim to do what we do – but not how we do it…
  • FANTASTIC RETURN ON INVESTMENT: This is a highly profitable business with a business model that works
  • LOCAL BUSINESS: If you love travelling, this isn’t for you but if you like being home every night…
  • MORE FAMILY TIME: Isn’t family the most important thing?
  • A FRANCHISE TEAM THAT CARES – We are immensely proud of our people and their success is our only objective
  • YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Be part of a network that actively helps each other to succeed
  • HAVE FUN: Isn’t life for living??
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