We’re the best and we know it

We could turn around and tell you that we’re a unique and growing company (which we are, of course), but we know that confidence is key, and we have that in bucketloads.

This isn’t misplaced; we’ve been established for 12 years and during that time, we’ve become the UK’s number one glass replacement franchise. Other companies have come and gone, but we maintain our top-spot, as well as attracting more and more people into the Cloudy2Clear family.

We’re passionate and have a taste for success – and we expect nothing less from our franchisees.

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What it means to be number one

We’ll support you every step of the way, but we won’t hand you everything on a plate. We like to see ourselves as in a partnership with you and we’d hope you’d feel the same.

Many of our more successful franchises have signed beyond the initial five-year agreement; we’re certainly not commitment-phobes.

Success comes in many forms for our franchisees and this includes expanding into second areas. We’re not saying that bigger is better, but… alright, we are saying that. The more your franchise expands and the more areas you cover, the more leads you generate.

We’re also incredibly pleased that many of our franchises are family run businesses. We see ourselves as a family too and it just makes us proud.

With Cloudy2Clear, you can:

  • Be your own boss
  • Improve your lifestyle
  • Enter a competitive and growing market
  • Provide a useful service to customers
  • Have access to training

We’ve got your back

We don’t just relax, put our feet up, and let you get on with it. Your success is our success, so it pays for us to give you the attention you deserve. We’re hands on, but not over-bearing.

From the very beginning, we provide you with everything you need to achieve your goals; it’s your job to match our enthusiasm and passion, so your franchise reaps the rewards.

We’ve been in partnership with RBS NatWest for over ten years – they know a good deal when they see one, what can we say. This means they can provide financial advice and, where needed, help to fund the franchise fee. Result.

What else can we offer you? Well, our management service charge is below industry average (usually we strive to be above average, but we’ll let this one slide) and our comprehensive, two-week training course, in all technical and business management aspects of the business, will be one of the most exhilarating and eye-opening experiences of your life. Or so we’ve heard.

But what about the really important stuff, we hear you cry. How about a lead generation support service second to none, as well as national advertising provided by head office – from radio to email marketing to social media. We’ll tweet on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

Additional support includes:

  • Full operations training
  • Advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Phone support
  • Business plans and advice

C2C Values

We believe if we’re true to our values, we’ll deliver great customer service, and our franchises will grow. It’s simple, effective, and it works. Trust us.

Our focus should always be on the customer, ensuring they are completely satisfied with us, from initial contact, right through to aftercare. This means treating the customer with respect and integrity from the very beginning, whether they decide to choose Cloudy2Clear or not. But they usually do and we don’t blame them.

Whoever the customer may be and wherever they may live, it’s our job to offer advice, guidance, and professionalism throughout the entire process. We’re confident in our abilities, as well as yours.

All our franchise owners and teams take immense pride in their work; we have the skills and ability to repair and replace failed double glazing and our mission is to do this to the highest standard.

We’re family orientated and know our franchisees are too. We want you to get satisfaction from your work, without sacrificing that happy family life that many of us strive for. This is why we provide you with the training and tools you need to gain fulfilment from your business, in a fun environment, with the ability to be flexible and make time for your family.

The future’s bright with Cloudy2Clear

Running a franchise is an exciting and adventurous opportunity. We should know; we’ve been doing this for over a decade.

Your future with us should be a prosperous one and we aim to ensure that each and every branch receives the attention it deserves. We offer time and effort into your franchise, so that you can enjoy your well-earned successes.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become part of the Cloudy2Clear franchise, you want to start making money from your new, growing business, and we haven’t managed to convince you from everything above, please get in touch today.